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Factory direct ball screw lift

Factory direct sales price of ball screw lift

Haiger Transmission is a professional supplier of worm screw elevators and ball screw elevators. The products involve lifts such as SWL QWL JRSS WJ JWM JMB SJ MA SJA SJB

Supply of packaging machinery packaging equipment special aluminum alloy worm gear reducer

Supply packaging machinery packaging equipment dedicated aluminum alloy worm gear reducer

Haiger Transmission is a professional worm gear manufacturing company: committed to the production and development of WP FC NMRV FCNDK JRST VF WJ WD series reducers.

Hangzhou Huage Reducer Co., Ltd. is an elite professional who has engaged in the manufacture of reducers for several years. It is dedicated to transmission equipment (worm gear reducer "WP, WD, WPW, RV, VF", planetary gear reducer "PL, PF, PAB, WPL, WPF, WPAB, "helical gear reducer" R, F, S, K, T ", cycloidal pin gear reducer" BW, BWD, XW, XWD ", stepless speed changer" MBW, MBL, MBW-C, "MBL-C", screw lifter SWL, QWL, JWM "couplings," research, development, production and sales of enterprise teams. Products are widely used in military, medical, shipbuilding, photovoltaic, logistics, storage, steel, metallurgy, Machinery and equipment industries such as rubber and plastics, food, beverages, construction, printing, packaging, lifting, textiles, chemicals, environmental protection, etc., have largely met the transmission needs of all walks of life. Efficient organizational management and cost control of plant operations And quality inspection. The company has a perfect marketing network and self-operated import and export rights, and actively pursues cooperation in production, learning and research. Provided there Protection currently 80 percent of products exported to Europe, America, Southeast Asia, the Middle East, Africa, and the number of foreign companies entered into a strategic partnership of national unity reducer Order Hotline: 4008-123-135

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